Core Parts

Evaporative efficiency of cooling pad
Made with world patent technology, the evaporative efficiency of Oasis 5090 cooling pad is 92%. it can be accessed by air velocity 2m/s and 75mm thickness cooling pad. The higher the evaporative efficiency, the better is the temperature reduction efficiency and can control the humidity.  
Oasis 5090 cooling pad

The specification of Oasis 5090 cooling pad:   The advantages of Munters cooling pad:  

Thickness of the cooling pad is 75mm
 Air velocity which through the cooling pad is 2m/second
  Strong absorption enables fast, even saturation of cooling pad, maximizing cooling efficiency
Strong material, resistance to deformation
Durable design outlasts competitive products
Supply Air Quality
The cooling media in itself is a high efficiency primary filter capable of achieving 80% dust removable efficiency. It is often referred to as air washer.
The outdoor air induced in by the cooler installed at elevated level is usually cleaner than the air inside at the operation level. However, the ambient air may contain air-borne particulates which need to be filtered off. The cooling media of the cooler is itself a primary filter. The honeycomb shape media with alternate lapping flutes are arranged such that the incoming air is made to change its direction as it passes the media. In doing so, the air-borne particles will be filtered off in two ways. 

Inertia Mass Separation
When the air molecules change direction, the heavier dust particles cant turn as fast and impact on the media wall, falling to the bottom basin.

Viscous Impingement Filtration
Through surface tension of the wet media wall, the particles are held on and eventually washed to the bottom basin. This is like the filtration capability of our nose
   Inner Filter (Optional)     UV Sterilization System  

Inner filter can be added on before the cooling pads which can provide a coarse particles filtration from the incoming atmospheric air.

UV energy is radiation produced by low pressure mercury lamp. The lamp is made of special glass that allows the passage of UV light rays. This radiation is capable of killing all micro-organisms that it comes in contact with. 
UV rays strike bacteria, algae and protozoa, breaking through the organism's outer membrane. The radiation reaches the DNA of the organisms, causing abrupt modification and bringing about their destruction quickly and effectively.