Model EX767 Key Features  
 Oasis 5090 Cooling Pad
  Imported from Sweden
 Made with special technology
High saturation efficiency for maximum performance
Protection against UV sunlight
Resistant to foreign particle accumulation
Resistant to wear and deterioration
 Water Sterilization System Spiral Design Flow
  Water circulates through the Spiral-designed UV 
sterilizer before being pumped to the water distribution 
system's cooling pads.
The water pumped in swirls around the spiral passage for maximum UV exposure time.

 Water Sterilization System The Unit
  UV light's output of 254 manometers (nm) wavelength for high germicidal effectiveness.
 UV-C rays provide powerful bactericide and viricide 
8000-hours uniform lamp life 
 MCU - Inverter Controller
  Integral design
Fully enclosed aluminum casing
High durability
High speed, high precision frequency control
Full protection in intelligent working mode
 Motor & Fan
  Enclosed Motor
Aluminum body, Totally-
Enclosed Design 
Better heat dissipation 
with fin cooling
Protection against over
current and over voltage
Secured by strong 
mounting brackets, 
ensuring longer service 

  High Airflow Fan
New streamline profile 
Design incorporates 
leading edge
High strength plastic for
higher performance
10-piece adjustable angled blade for maximum airflow
 Heavy Duty Water Pump

Pump Motor is elevated above water level
  German technology
Supply voltage: 180~240V
Electrical frequency: 50~60Hz
Robust and durable structure for tropical conditions
Designed for continuous 24-hr operation
Water-absent protect system

 Water Basin Auto Drain Function
  Single piece molded design for durability
Slope basin ensuring total drain-off
  Filter (Optional)
  Installing washable filter (outer or inner) can improve the supply air quality, and the installation of filter depends on the cleanliness requirement of factory. Please notice that the filter may affects the airflow due to the wind resistance. Besides, the filter should be washed regularly.   

 Water Level Sensor     Inlet Water Filter    Inlet and Outlet Valves    Controller    
 Precise and accurate detection of water level
Connection tubing with 
water filter
Effective and easy cleaning 
Solenoid electric driven
MCU controlled
Fully Enclosed
Automatic operation 
 Advanced MCU controller equipped with infrared remote 
controller and IC card identification system to 
facilitate authorized control