Air duct system installation

  PIP Cellduct system installation  
PIP cellduct Installation The Excelair way
Excelair's PIP cellduct system installation is the most simple, durable and quickest installation design that offer complete safety among industry ducting providers. The installation can be completed with ease by as few as 2 workers, powered by its impressive light weight. All necessary assembling, mounting and dismantling tasks can be easily carried out - convenience with ease.
  Two ways to hange up PIP cellduct -- sling hanging and rod hanging
PIP cellduct can be hanged up by sling hanging or rod hanging. Base on the structure of the factory, you can choose the best way to hang up the duct. No matter what kind of hanging ways, all air ducts can be connected by the flange to complete the installation easily. It is also very easy to dismantle the air ducts for maintenance and cleaning

Sling Hanging Steps:
Mount the sling hanging set on the duct, fix it with plastic cross bar on the upper of the duct.
 Screw on the ring, clamp the duct.
 Mount the steel wire clip and prepare to install
Hanging the duct to suitable height, and adjust the steel wire to make the duct horizontal.

Rod Hanging Steps:
Fix the rod hanger on the roof                                     
Put the PIP duct in the middle of the rod hanger

Mount the two hanging girders on the PIP duct       
Mount the nut on the rod hanger, and adjust the nut to make the duct horizontal.

Assembling and Dismantling the PIP cellduct units
Each duct segment unit (0.5-4m) is connected by the invisible flange, designed for easy installation and dismantling. All duct units can be assembled, dismantled and easily cleaned. The aluminum coated layer provides rust and workplace particle resistance for easy cleaning.
 Connect the two duct segment 
 units together
 Insert the slide-in channel at 
 the vertical slot
 Hammer the slide-in channel 
 with the soft head hammer
 Insert the slide-in channel at 
 the horizontal slot
 Hammer the slide-in channel 
 with the soft head hammer
 Mount the corner cover 
 Finished air duct cleaning
Hammer the 2 slide-in channels in and mount the remaining 3 corner covers the same way for completion of the 2 duct segments connection.
 Air Duct Cleaning

Installation  Process
Dismantling the PIP Cellduct package
Assembling the PIP Cellduct
Hanging the PIP Cellduct