Providing long-lasting, cost effective advantages over traditional sheet metal duct system  
    Optimal Energy Efficiency Performance       Significant Time Saving for Field Installation  
  PIP Cellducts physical capabilities and system design provide optimal energy efficiency for heat reduction and industrial cooling applications. Manufactured in strict compliance to certified requirements with regard to material and workmanship, PIP Cellducts superior insulating capabilities and its flange fitting design provides durable leak-free containment ducting with optimum energy efficiency.     Given the products lightweight and flange fitting design feature, quick installation is made possible which eliminates the need to fabricate the necessary construction work required for traditional sheet metal duct system. PIP Cellduct can be easily assembled and installed in the field offered by the flange-insert joining design.  
    Reduced Installation Costs       Easy Maintenance and Hygienic Properties  
Compared to sheet metal duct system installation which often requires heavy fabrication (particularly in applications where add-on insulation is required) and thus high labour costs, PIP Cellduct eases fabrication, handling and installation. When combined with the longevity of a properly-designed system, significant cost savings can be recognized.

    PIP Cellduct provides maintenance advantages due to the materials light weight, ease of assembly, and labour-saving characteristics. The aluminum-sealed coating helps to meet hygienic standards  
Thousands of pre-fabricated air ducts can be offered to Select